Western Sydney based rapper MC Skhitlz (Amy) was born to two deaf parents so it wasn’t until later in life when her love of music and creating became evident.


After witnessing a local battle rap event, Skhitlz threw herself in the deep end and started out her hip-hop journey as a battle MC. Soon it would become apparent that her calling was to be a recording artist rather than battle rapper so in early 2013 she recorded her first promo track.


‘Masterbater’ became an underground classic, dedicated to her ex that resonated with her ever growing fanbase with many young ladies being able to relate.


Promo and collaboration based music would follow until the seed of something more significant started to grow. The new goal was a mixtape (Mindset Mixtape) which has been an ongoing project spanning more than 18 months and has now been completed.


Skhitlz has worked with artists such as 2Slie, Tofurious, Jasmine McDonnell, Scenario, Xamaria, Harjot Singh, HDMC, Psycflows.


“The best feeling I get is when people contact me on a personal level and I realize that my music isn’t only just therapy for myself, but also for everyone who can relate”.


With now a proven track record of dedication and ongoing commitment to perfecting her art form, Skhitlz continues to smash goals at an alarming rate. With a release date for her filmclip 'Psycho' to be announced over the next few weeks the future looks bright for this young, single mother of two who has gone from obscurity to cementing her place in the underground scene in such a short space of time whilst working hard as a full time labourer and maintaining a life work balance with a passion in creating music.